Statistics Regarding Repetitive Motion Injuries and Expenses

Repetitive motion injuries can occur quite easily in the workplace, as they happen when an employee is making repeated motions. They are actually one of the most common injuries in the United States but can add stress and debilitation to a worker’s life depending on the extent of the injury. The two most common types are known as tendinitis and bursitis:

Tendinitis: This is inflammation of the tendon, or the tissue that connects muscle to bone and allows movement at all joints in the human body. The most common sites where this injury occurs is the shoulder, biceps, and elbow. 

Bursitis: This is inflammation of the bursa sac, or pouches that are found over areas where friction may develop in the body. In traumatic cases, repetitive motion injuries are largely suspected.

The Reality of Repetitive Motion Injuries 

  • In 2012, 3 incidents of repetitive motion injuries happen for every 10,000 workers.
  • It can take a worker an average of 23 days to fully recover from one of these serious injuries. This is 14 days longer than the average for other injuries.
  • The costs of repetitive motion injuries for employers is an astounding $80 billion a year.
  • In half of all carpal tunnel cases, workers will miss 31 days or more of work time.

You may think that, if you receive a repetitive motion injury, you do not need the help of an attorney. However, this is not true. These injuries are still very serious and should be treated as such if you have sustained one in the workplace. Call us today for more help with your case. We will answer all of your questions and assist you as necessary.