The Importance of Elevator Maintenance to Prevent Accidents

Elevators are actually very safe structures, with the occurrence of accidents every year being quite rare. Research has shown that elevators are about 20 times safer than escalators, with many of the deaths associated with these accidents being to repair technician and not passengers. Even though elevators are relatively safe, they are only as safe as the maintenance that is performed on them every year. We see elevators being installed throughout the U.S. in various places – in fact, there are approximately 670,000 elevators installed worldwide.

Understanding the Maintenance of Elevators 

Many components work together to ensure that elevators are working successfully. Today we will share with you the most common types of elevator maintenance.

Machine Rooms: The machine rooms are known as the “heart” of the elevator and contain the components that hoist the elevator itself, a power supply, and control equipment. Most maintenance takes place in the machine room, which includes servicing of motors, generators, switches, and more.

Hoistways: This includes the corridor doors, door locks, switches, safety devices, and cables. Maintenance of these components takes place inside the hoistway, even though it is a dangerous place to work.

Elevator Cars: Elevator cars are relatively safe in themselves. They are fire-resistant, well-ventilated, and made to protect passengers. Those who work in maintenance must service the door operating equipment and ventilation controls. They must also think to clean and service the floors of the elevators.

Injury Cases Relating to Elevators 

When you sustain a personal injury from an elevator accident, you could be eligible for compensation for medical expenses, lost earnings from missed work, and pain and suffering. Many of these accidents include some type of permanent bodily injury that can affect you for the rest of your life. If a loved one has died, you may be able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf. To move forward, you should speak to us today about your options. Call us at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi for more.