Three Blunders to Avoid When Handling Your Personal Injury Claim

Of all the claims Americans file annually, personal injury lawsuits are among the most common. These claims are filed as a complaint for injury to a victim’s body or mind as a result of an accident. For example, victims in an auto accident, who were not at fault for that accident, often hire a car accident attorney to get them the compensation they feel they deserve. Similarly, personal injury lawyers handle all kinds of tort law, from medical malpractice, to product liability issues, to workplace injuries.

In general, a personal injury lawyer can act as a car accident attorney, and handle a variety of cases. But finding the right lawyer is critical to getting a fair settlement, as is acting fast. Unfortunately, many plaintiffs make the mistake of hiring the wrong one.

Here are a few other common mistakes people make when dealing with a personal injury claim.

Not Hiring a Lawyer. In an auto accident, a victim often seeks out the defendant for his or her insurance information, and an adjuster, a representative from the defendant’s insurance company, will usually take a statement from you about the accident. This person typically assures the victim compensation, but may actually shortchange the plaintiff. For this reason, a qualified personal injury lawyer will be the key to getting fair compensation.

Not Seeking Immediate Medical Treatment. Every year, there are more than 31 million injuries that require the help of a doctor, and possibly several more that go untreated. For a victim of a wrongful accident or workplace injury, it is critical to seek the help of a medical professional as soon as possible. A small, nagging pain after an accident can eventually turn into a larger medical issue, and if a victim waits or ignores it, the statute of limitations placed on a personal injury claim could eclipse, making it impossible to seek any kind of compensation for the injury.

Not Checking a Lawyer’s Background. Because the statute of limitations placed on personal injury lawsuits, victims often feel pressured to find an attorney quickly. But this doesn’t mean that they should hire the first lawyer they come across on the internet or in the phone book. Not all car accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers will have the experience necessary to handle every case, and hiring the wrong attorney could prove costly.

By avoiding these mistakes, plaintiffs will be on their way to receiving the compensation they want and deserve, and could potentially avoid the lengthy court proceedings associated with civil trials.