Tips Regarding How You Can Receive the Best Settlement

One of the main questions that people have is: How can we move the personal injury settlement process along? Many people wonder how long it will take and what they will have to go through during the process. In many cases, it all depends on how hard you are willing to negotiate. So, how do you receive the best injury settlement? Today we will share some tips with you that may help you when you are in the midst of a case.

Settlement Tips 

Having an Amount in Mind: Before you do anything, you should always consider the best settlement figure that you have in mind. Use this as a bottom line and hear what the adjuster has to say. Sometimes an adjuster will offer you exactly what you had in mind, while other times they may bring up circumstances and show you that you should lower the number. Keep these tips in mind. 

Never Jumping at First Offer: Insurance adjusters will typically offer on the low end as a tactic. When an offer is made and you believe it to be reasonable, you should make a counteroffer that is a bit lower than what was in your demand letter. This shows that you are also being reasonable and wish to compromise. 

Justifying a Low Offer: You should always ask the adjuster why the offer is so low if you feel as if it is. You may be able to lower your demand slightly based on this information. 

Emphasizing Emotional Points: If you have used emotion in your letter to the adjuster such as a smashed car or a bad injury, you should refer to these photographs. If there was a beer bottle found in the other party’s car, refer to the possibility that they were using alcohol. These references can play a huge role in your case, as they can send a powerful message to an insurance company. 

Waiting for Response: Wait to see what the adjuster comes up with. If they continue to give you low offers, ask them to go over the reasons. You will find out whether or not you have to put pressure on the insurance company.

Speaking to an Attorney: You should know when it is time to seek the help of an experienced attorney. If you are looking for compensation over a thousand dollars due to your severe injuries, it may be time to make a call. The same can be said for if you are seeking future damages or there is a major question of fault. Do not be afraid to pick up the phone and contact us today. We are waiting for your call at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi, where your accident compensation means everything to us.