Underrated Injuries: What is Overexertion in the Workplace?

Overexertion injuries occurring in the workplace are actually the leading cause of non-fatal injuries, and cover over 3.5 million injuries that happen in the workplace. They are also one of the leading causes of workers missing work, which makes them very serious when it comes to productivity. The average cost of these injuries can stem anywhere from $13k for wrist injuries to over $23k for back injuries. These injuries will often occur when the load at work is either lifted, pushed, pulled, or otherwise handled in a way that exceeds the limitations of the human body.

Many of these injuries are preventable, luckily. Workers can avoid overexertion by learning their body’s limits, taking regular breaks in the workplace, and fueling their body properly throughout the day. However, this occurs with the help of an employer who understands how these injuries can be prevented. Physical overexertion is responsible for many workers’ compensation claims as well as causing a lot of time away from work. Many workers can avoid overexertion by practicing good posture, lifting loads in proper ways, taking frequent breaks especially when the work is most challenging, including strength training in their exercise routine, and knowing their body’s limits.

After You Suffer an Overexertion Injury

If an employee suffers one of these injuries, they may experience days, weeks, or months away from work. This is why, if you receive one of these injuries, you must take it seriously and receive immediate medical attention. Always report the incident to your supervisor and file a claim if possible. If you are having troubles along the way, give us a call to help you. We have experience in workplace accidents and injuries and can help answer all your burning questions.