Unsecured Debris in Trucks and Other Vehicles

Sometimes, an accident involving another vehicle and truck can be caused by something other than a crash. Yes, sometimes these accidents are caused by falling debris that comes off the back of trucks and other vehicles. Trucking regulations state that loads must be secured to meet various standards at state and federal levels. Some of these rules oversee tie-down requirements, flag rules, weight restrictions, and so much more. Unfortunately, poorly-secured items and debris fall out of the back of trucks and off the roof of cars very often. Airborne hazards can cause an extremely dangerous accident.

In 2006, a woman was blinded when a piece of particle board flew off a truck and crashed through the windshield. The particles came off the back of a rented moving trailer and, nine years later, her mother helped bring about a national law to prevent these serious accidents from happening. This transportation bill, enacted in 2015 by President Obama, would address the risks of unsecured loads. The damages that stem from these accidents include injury damages, property damages, and so much more.

Disheartening Statistics 

The statistics are extremely unfortunate and scary – between 2011 and 2014, there were over 200,000 accidents caused by debris. Many of these accidents would involve people swerving out of the way to avoid debris or debris crashing through the windshield. In these accidents, over 39,000 people were injured and another 500 were killed. Many of these accidents take place during work hours, when traffic is very heavy and the most hauling occurs.

When you are traveling on the highway, any loose possessions from trucks and vehicles could become a hazard to nearby drivers. This is why it is important for these drivers to exercise reasonable care and avoid negligence by strapping down items that could cause accidents and injury. If you have been injured by loose debris due to a driver’s negligence, you may have a case for your personal injuries. Call us today for more information on how we can help.