What Evidence is Important in a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

In the beginning of January 2017, a multi-vehicle crash occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike, leaving one person dead. The crash involved three vehicles, one of which was a tractor-trailer and the other motor vehicles. There were major injuries in the other drivers and passengers. Unfortunately, these types of accidents happen in frequency in New Jersey due to various reasons. The victims of these accidents may seek compensation for their injuries; however, these cases become extremely complicated when multiple people are involved. Collecting evidence during this time is one of the best options to handle these claims.

Establishing Fault

Evidence is the key factor in establishing fault in a multi-vehicle crash. The scene should be thoroughly investigated and photographs of the accident site should be taken. By determining how far the cars moved when they were hit, one will be able to determine the speed at which they might have been traveling. Photographs will show debris on the street as well as all property damage involved. The Department of Motor Vehicles should always record everything on paper to have a clear picture on what happened. These pieces of evidence can be used in crucial times during court.

Some other great pieces of evidence involve witness statements and accident reports from law enforcement. Witnesses can give as good of a picture as a photograph in some cases. They may have observed the accident in progress and can help recreate the scene. Police may also file a police accident report, which can show a diagram of the area and include statements from drivers as well as witnesses on the scene. You will be able to obtain this piece of evidence in your case.

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