What is PEOSH and Why is it so Important?

PEOSH is New Jersey’s Public Employees’ Occupational Safety and Health, which covers an act that provides for the development and enforcement of occupational and health regulations. They also work tediously to provide guidelines for employers and employees to improve the environments in which they work. The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development works hand in hand with PEOSH and investigates complaints regarding safety hazards in the workplace. The New Hersey Department of Health works from the other end, investigating health hazards occurring in the workplace.

This means that, if there is a health or safety concern in a specific workplace, PEOSH determines how it is handled properly. The organizations running under PEOSH care about concerns such as hazardous substances in the workplace as well as common hazards that tend to occur most specifically.

Why is PEOSH Vital to the New Jersey Workplace? 

Without organizations looking out for the health and safety of New Jersey workers, injuries and illnesses would be at an all-time high. There are quite a few health standards that are more commonly cited than others through PEOSH, and since they have been brought to attention, they find it of utmost importance to put an end to these illnesses and injuries from things that can be easily prevented.

From a safety standpoint, PEOSH steps in when there are important hazards to be known about such as construction equipment that is defective or badly maintained, chain saw and sand safety, preventing heat illness inside workplace settings like warehouses, and so much more. PEOSH also helps workers understand what rights they have in regards to whistleblowing and how they have protections if they suspect something is happening in the workplace that can contribute to negative effects on the public.

On the other hand, there are also many other health standards that become important for employees to understand each year. Here are some of the most commonly cited PEOSH Health Standards:

  • Asbestos in construction: Asbestos fibers are dangerous because they could enter the body simply through breathing them in. Exposure could cause many fatal diseases and take many years to develop. This is why the handling of asbestos-containing materials is regulated by New Jersey, for worker’s protection.
  • Bloodborne Pathogens: These include AIDS, HBV, and HCV. Workers in the healthcare and safety occupations could be exposed to these pathogens at any time. PEOSH has regarded these concerns and written standards on prevention.
  • Lead in Construction: When lead is absorbed into the body, it can be toxic. PEOSH has written standards that contain minimum requirements for the handling of materials that contain lead in any capacity

Of course, there are many more hazards that are under consideration in PEOSH Health Standards, such as hazard communication, exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratories, and the importance in personal protective equipment. This is why PEOSH is vital to every single worker in New Jersey and why their standards should be studied and remembered by employees and employers alike. If you have been injured on the job in New Jersey, you may have a case. Call us today for more information.