When Construction Workers Become Trapped on the Job

Recently, fallen machinery in the construction workplace trapped and critically injured a worker on a site. This came only one day after two workers were killed in separate construction accidents. Although the details are vague on how the accident occurred, a Bobcat machine fell on top of the worker and pinned him underneath, making it so that firefighters had to rescue him from above.

In another recent construction accident case in New York, a crane dropped materials onto a renovation site, which injured three workers, including two of them critically. Dozens of firefighters came to the rescue scene and only one of the construction workers was able to get out of the wreckage on his own. The other two became trapped. Later in the day, firefighters were still working strategically to rescue a 28-year-old worker who was trapped under a few thousand pounds of construction materials located in the basement of the building. His legs were trapped under 1,200-pound beams. However, upon gaining entry to the basement, they were able to free him.

The reason why the second accident occurred is because a load of materials placed on the building’s roof collapsed, which fell all the way to the ground floor or basement. As you can see, an accident like this could have been prevented. Cranes are not permitted to put equipment on a room unless an engineer approves it. At the time of the accident, it is possible that an engineer never gave their approval.

Will I Qualify for Workers’ Compensation? 

Yes! If negligence by an employer or another party caused you to become trapped in the workplace, or you were improperly trained or received the wrong equipment for the job, you will be eligible for workers’ compensation. However, you should always file a workers’ compensation claim immediately, no matter the injury type or how you sustained them. Call us today for more information on how we can assist you in your case!