Whether or Not it is Possible to Sue a Hotel in an Assault Case

Every year, people become injured at hotels. Many of the injuries that they receive come from swimming pool accidents, slip and falls, food poisoning, and assaults. If you become a victim of an assault in the parking lot, hallway, or room of a hotel, you may feel many emotions and wonder where to turn. Fortunately for you, your options do not end after the assault. You can pursue a legal claim against the owners and operators for negligent security on the premises.

These claims fall under premises liability law by the property owner. Under these laws, a property owner did not do everything in their interest to guard a person adequately and keep them from harm, as is their duty. If a property owner knows that there are risks on their property, either due to the high-crime area they live in or occurrences that happened in the past, it was foreseeable and they could be held liable. This is why it is in their best interest to have security or cameras in hotels as a way to protect those who use their services.

The Rise of Incidents in Hotels 

In every state across the country, hotel incidents happen every year, and assaults are no stranger to hotels. In Las Vegas in 2013, a maid was chased down the hallway in a possible attempted assault case until she locked herself in a cleaning closet for safety. Hotel owners in Las Vegas believe that there is no need for extra security, because they put secure cameras on their properties. However, in more and more cases, they are finding that these hotels are missing surveillance in hotel hallways and elevator landings, where many criminals are waiting. This is why it is important for hotels to take extra security measures in high-crime areas where they know there is a threat.

Proving Your Injury Claim

If you were assaulted on a hotel premises and you believe it was due to negligent security, you may have a case. However, there are some things that you must prove in order to gain compensation for your injuries. The court must find that the property owner knew or should have known that someone would be victimized on the property due to crime that took place in the area in the past. An experienced personal injury attorney would know how much security is appropriate, so give us a call today so we can help you with your claim. It is important for an attorney to handle your case with a deep understanding of the laws. We can help you get compensation for your injuries today, as we have handled these cases in the past and received great results.