Working With An Injury Lawyer

Let’s consider that you’ve been injured in an accident – where do you turn next? Do you handle the case on your own or do you call an experienced injury lawyer to handle your case? Some clients will choose to settle out of court, while others will grasp the expense of trial and put it in a lawyer’s hands to obtain the best possible settlement for them in the shortest amount of time. So how can having an experienced lawyer help your case? Let’s take a look into the settlement negotiation and litigation process to see what typically happens.

Having a good lawyer means they won’t leave you in the dark about your case. They will answer any questions you may have and work with you at all times. What can you expect during the process?

  • Your lawyer will help you gather witness statements, photographs, official reports, and more so that you can gather whatever evidence is necessary for verifying the accident. They will also help you establish who was at fault.
  • After your physical condition from the accident has stabilized, your lawyer will begin assembling medical reports, records and bills, employment reports, and other necessary documents. This will help assess your damages.
  • An offer is solicited from the insurance company. When the offer is received, your lawyer will review it promptly and discuss courses of action.
  • Sometimes, your lawyer will not be able to obtain fair settlement from the insurance company. They will then file a lawsuit or demand arbitration on your behalf.
  • After a discovery process, a trial date will be requested and your lawyer will work with you to prepare.

Your lawyer knows what is in your best interest and what is not in regards to your case. Avoid discussing your case, as your lawyer will want you to discuss the accident only with them and will want you to refer all inquiries to them. They will want you to avoid signing any documents relative to your case without discussing it first with them. They will want notifications on things like a doctor releasing you from care or if you have a change of address or phone number. They will also want you to send them copies of all bills you incur that are related to your accident case, even if your own insurance company is taking care of them for you.

What are some other benefits of hiring a lawyer for your accident case? Included are the following reasons:

  • No fees if there’s no recovery: Most lawyers follow the work of a contingency fee. This means, if you do not win your case, you will not pay an attorney fee. You would be held responsible for paying for some expenses relating to their services, however, in most cases.
  • Red Tape: Legal procedures can be complicated and complex. Take confusing medical and legal terms into consideration and you could have yourself a mess. A lawyer will be able to work through this maze of work for you.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: Complicated trials may not always be the best course of action. A lawyer will know whether your case should be handled using Alternative Dispute Resolution, which will save you time and energy. Common examples include mediation and arbitration.
  • Best Settlements: Many injury cases can be handled with a negotiation settlement instead of going to trial. A lawyer will be able to negotiate a settlement on behalf of a client and try to resolve the case as early as possible.

Convinced? Having a lawyer by your side through this process can relieve a lot of stress and take the load off when you are trying to heal from your personal injury or accident. You can call your attorney today at MDL to find out about your case and how to go forward with it. We will schedule a free consultation with you!