Another Victim Suffers a Violent Assault at the Hands of Harrah's Casino Security

Surveillance video proves yet again that people are being attacked at Harrah’s Casino for no good reason.

This was a violent, unprovoked, premeditated assault.-Michael Maggiano

Assault by Security in Atlantic City Casino | Harrah's Casino Lawsuit | |

The take down of the 36 year old Hudson County, New Jersey man by security officers at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City is criminal.

Attorney Maggiano described the assault as being “like gang beatings, and thats what it is”.

A civil lawsuit was filed last month on May 16, 2014. The officer seen in this surveillance video viciously punched, kicked, kneed, stomped and pummeled Mr. Flora with excessive and unnecessary force. The assault in September 2012 left him with a concussion, bruised ribs, severe cuts and four fractured teeth.

The last thing he remembers is being punched in the face and its lights out.

This video shows Flora bleeding from his right eye. The attack came after an employee asked Flora to leave the casino floor where he’d been gambling for being loud. Flora was going to his hotel room when the officers confronted him. He feared that he was about to be finished off.

Flora, is the seventh victim since January.

Michael Maggiano emphasized that, “It’s absolutely out of control and we see it time and time again. These people are undertrained, unskilled, they are not true security”.

Source: NBC Philadelphia