Chris DiGirolamo Recognized by WILG as Leading Injured Work Attorney 5th Year Running

Christopher-Digirolamo Profile

Managing partner at Maggiano, DiGirolamo, Lizzi PC, Chris DiGirolamo has once again been recognized by the Workers’ Injury Law & Advocacy Group (WILG) as one of the leading injured worker attorneys.

The WILG, a non-profit, is the primary national workers’ compensation attorney group along the same lines as the ABA but dealing exclusively with workers’ comp. This is the fifth consecutive year the WILG has honored Mr. DiGirolamo for his commitment to securing the proper rights and benefits for victims of workplace injuries.

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have an accident or injury at work, you need a specialist like Chris DiGirolamo in your corner to get a fair settlement. He is capable of handling third party case along with the workers’ compensation, so getting you just payment couldn’t be easier.

What You Get with Chris DiGirolamo

It’s not just 27 years of extensive experience in litigation you’re getting with Chris DiGirolamo.

It’s not consistent recognition from official bodies like the Workers’ Injury Law & Advocacy Group year after year either.

Moreover, it’s not even his selection for the Lifetime Achievement award from America’s Top 100 Attorneys, an honor bestowed only on outstanding attorneys who have positively impacted the legal profession. Less than 0.5% of U.S. attorneys will ever receive this award.

Beyond these stacks of credentials and awards, it’s perhaps the family history of injustice in the workplace that accounts for the genuine zeal and commitment you’ll find with Chris DiGirolamo’s tenacious approach to seeking compensation.

His grandfather worked as a coal miner and subsequently died of lung disease as a result of unsafe working conditions. This incident occurred in the 1960s when companies faced little to no accountability for the perilous conditions endured by unprotected workers in steel mills and coal mines. There was no redress whatsoever for victims like Mr. DiGirolamo’s grandfather.

Now, more than 20 years after starting his practice, Chris DiGirolamo still tirelessly and aggressively works to achieve the very best result for anyone unlucky enough to encounter misfortune while on the job.

There are a variety of workplace accidents that give rise to the need for a compensation claim. Whether you’ve had a car crash, construction mishap, a fall-down, or any other type of workplace dispute, Chris DiGirolamo delivers. He has been helping union workers for two decades, whether they’ve been exposed to unsafe machinery or a downright hazardous workplace, and the same passion and determination to uphold the rights of injured workers prevails today as when Chris DiGirolamo first started out with those memories of his grandfather driving him.

Among a string of multi-million dollar verdicts, Mr. DiGirolamo served as co-counsel in the largest recorded personal injury settlement in U.S. history, which recovered $101 million following a severe construction accident. He has an unmatchable track record of recovering significant settlements and ensuring proper restitution where it’s due.

The benefit of choosing Chris DiGirolamo is that you’ll also get the robust and powerful expertise of the Maggiano, DiGirolamo, Lizzi PC firm. This collaborative team has a policy of working on contingent fees following a successful verdict rather than billable hours.

You’ll get personalized attention from the very first consultation where the focus is not on hypothetical amounts of money but cold, hard facts of law as it pertains to your case. You won’t feel as though you’re receiving boilerplate representation, but you will feel confident in the firm’s ability to win your case.

It’s this combination of big-firm expertise with that personal touch that’s generated a shower of impressive testimonials, a succession of multi-million dollar settlements, and an AVVO rating of a perfect 10. It’s the weekend availability and willingness to take calls in the evening that simplifies the tedious process of seeking legal redress for a workplace accident every step of the way. When you’ve had an accident at work, you’re often not well placed to deal with the complexities of a compensation claim. Chris DiGirolamo is accommodating every step of the way so you can get restitution with as little effort as possible.

It is no surprise that Chris DiGirolamo was honored again by the Workers’ Injury Law & Advocacy Group this year, and he continues to be recognized as one of the most respectable trial lawyers by his peers and members of the judiciary.

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