Christopher DiGirolamo Selected 2016 Super Lawyer

Chris SuperlawyersChristopher DiGirolamo has been selected as a 2016 Super Lawyer for this year, an outstanding recognition that showcases exactly how appreciated he is in his field. Every year, nominations are made for Super Lawyers to showcase the amazing work specific lawyers have completed for their clients. You may wonder how the Super Lawyers are selected. The process is prestigious, choosing only the best of the best in particular fields. To choose a Super Lawyer, attorneys are selected using a patented selection process with peer nominations, evaluations, and independent research. Only 5% of attorneys are selected to Super Lawyers, which means that Christopher DiGirolamo was part of a tedious and superior process that shows exactly how hard he worked in his specific law area.

Behind The Man: Christopher DiGirolamo

For years, Christopher DiGirolamo has been protecting the rights of Christopher DiGirolamo Selected 2016 Super Lawyervictims involved in car accidents, fall downs, construction accidents, on the job injuries, and more. He has showed significant specialty in various large and complex cases, including serving as co-counsel in the largest personal injury recovery of $101 million in a construction accident in U.S. history! His focus is mainly on personal injury where he works at Maggiano, DiGirolamo, & Lizzi. His unique insights have helped men, women, and families making up the labor force of New Jersey for 20 years now.

His clients have had nothing but good to say about him and he has worked beside clients on a whole new level, offering them satisfaction and help when they needed it most. In his own words, clients will typically call him when they have situations that call for immediate action, and he is always ready to handle their cases for them.

This is why Christopher DiGirolamo is a prime example of a Super Lawyer, working above and beyond in his field to help those in need. This is also why the support from his beloved peers has helped him obtain the Super Lawyers nomination, as they have stood by him every step of the way in the process.

Christopher has been selected as a Super Lawyer from 2006-2011, and 2013-2016 throughout the years. He believes that it is an honor to be selected for Super Lawyers and thanks his peers and the years of work that brought him here.