compensation for those affected by the hoboken train crash

Compensation for Those Affected by the Hoboken Train Crash

On September 29, 2016, passengers boarded a transit train only to find out that there was standing room available. This was due to the fact that space was limited and the Conductor started overcrowding passengers. Oddly enough, that morning the very same Conductor asked passengers to file complaints on the New Jersey Transit website to speak with them about how there were not enough rail-cars and seats.

By the time that the train reached the Hoboken train station, terror took hold when it failed to slow down and stop. The train ran into one of the biggest commuter stations known to the northeast and crashed, causing portions of the ceiling to fall down. People inside the train were screaming as the accident occurred, not understanding why the train would be going so quickly. Many believe that, due to the accident, NJ Transit failed many citizens and passengers that day.

The question remains: Did the New Jersey Transit think of other people’s safety? Were they thinking of safety when they decided it was a good idea to overcrowd the transit? What about when they placed passengers on an inadequate rail car? If you were a part of this horrific accident on the rails, you will have to file a notice of claim before 90 days if you wish to receive damages. This is seen as a statute of limitations for these particular claims.

In your time of need, we are there for you. Passengers from the Hoboken train accident must reach out for legal help to receive protection to gain the compensation they need through a lawsuit. If you have been injured in the accident that changed the lives of many New Jersey citizens, we will help you file a Notice of Claim as quickly as possible. Call us today.