Dominican Heritage & Culture Society

On October 25, 2023, several attorneys and staff from our office were honored to participate in the Dominican Heritage and Culture Society’s gala event and concert “Por Amor” at the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York City.

The event was hosted by the most elegant Fresia Olivero Momani, Founder and President of the society, and Seny Taveras, Concert Chair for the society. Damaris Diaz of Univision served as Master of Ceremonies. The non-profit society’s mission is to promote and support low-income youth in the New York Dominican community through college and high school scholarships, to which we were honored to be apart of. Honorees at the event, receiving the Dominican Ambassador Award were Samuel Collado, President of the National Supermarket Association and Lilliam Perez, Vice President of Government and Community Relations at the Montefiori Health System and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. We were then treated with a concert performance by Dominican artists Aisha Syed on violin, renown pianist and composer Rafael Solano and Luis McDougal on guitar.

**In the photo from left to right: Joseph Maggiano Esq. , Yralka Maggiano, Michael Lizzi Esq, Mercedes Maggiano, Michael Maggiano Esq., Thomas Boyle Esq.