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Attorney Michael Maggiano Speaking at the 2018 ATAA Annual National Symposium in Sept., to Present on “Closing Arguments”

Fort Lee Truck Accident Attorney Michael Maggiano Speaking at ATAA Symposium

Fort Lee Truck Accident Attorney Michael Maggiano will be among the featured guest speakers at this year’s 2018 Annual National Symposium, sponsored by the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (ATAA) and taking place in Nashville, Tennessee from Thursday Sept. 20th through Saturday Sept. 22nd.

Mr. Maggiano’s presentation is scheduled to occur on Sat. Sept. 22nd at 2:15 p.m. Entitled “Closing Arguments – Ask for the Money,” this presentation will cover all aspects of damages for truck accident cases and how to leverage the closing argument, which is the lawyer’s last opportunity to speak to the jury before they deliberate, to help jurors arrive at and deliver fair, just verdicts.

Some of the specific aspects of closing arguments that Mr. Maggiano will discuss include how trial lawyers can:

  • Explain the severity of the harm sustained
  • Deliver credible suggestions, based on the available evidence
  • Translate intangible losses, like negative impacts on quality of life, into monetary compensation
  • Assist jurors’ analysis of the evidence and arguments, empowering them in real, ethical ways to come to a fair and just decision that will have to lifetime impacts for the client.

Additionally, Mr. Maggiano will cover damages related to past and future lost earnings and medical expenses, as well as the unique challenges associated with:

  • Helping jurors visualize and understand a client’s future and projecting future losses
  • Projecting the value of the death and how that may vary according to the age of the decedent
  • Making concrete analogies with real-life examples that can elucidate the suffering, losses and overall impacts of the harm suffered
  • Evaluating the price of pain and suffering.

Attorney Michael Maggiano has litigated truck crash cases across the U.S., earning national recognition and respect for his skillful way of presenting and successfully resolving various types of truck accident cases.

More on the ATAA’s 2018 Annual National Symposium in Nashville, TN

Focusing on the “nuts and bolts of trucking litigation, the ATAA’s 2018 Annual National Symposium will be taking place at the Marriott in Nashville, Tennessee from Thurs. Sept. 20th through Sat. Sept. 22nd. The event has been specially designed to start with programing for attorneys who are new to truck accident litigation. It will then advance to presentations by premier litigators, delving into more nuanced topics.

While attendees can earn more than 18 hours of continuing legal education (CLE) credits, they can also benefit from helpful information that may improve their expertise and skills in litigating truck accident cases.

The Fort Lee attorneys at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi, P.C. are honored that Mr. Maggiano will be a featured guest speaker at the 2018 ATAA Symposium. We are also honored to Mr. Maggiano’s commitment to – and legacy of – excellence and exceptional advocacy, representing those harmed by negligence. To encourage the injured to learn more about their rights, options and potential cases, we provide free, no obligation consultations.

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