michael maggiano receives the prestigious mel award 2015

Michael Maggiano Receives the Prestigious Mel Award 2015

Michael Maggiano is a founder and senior partner of Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi P.C. and has specialized in personal injury litigation with a focus on Construction Accidents as well as Medical Negligence for over 35 years. His outstanding advocacy and effective approach in the courtroom has gained him significant notoriety over the years. Known for his thoroughness and exacting approach, Maggiano has achieved a string of seven and eight-figure verdicts and settlements for clients, some of which were survivors of those who lost their lives due to someone’s negligence.

Maggiano was the 2004 recipient of the Trial Bar Award and 2013 recipient of the New Jersey Bar Foundation Award for Excellence in Continuing Legal Education. Furthermore, in June 2015, Maggiano was recognized in (201) Magazine in an article that featured a segment known as Bergen’s Top Lawyers. He was presented with the Bergen’s Top Lawyer Award. It is safe to say that Michael Maggiano’s skill in the courtroom has earned him many awards and recognitions over the years that were well deserved.

About The Mel Award 

In 1946, the National Association of Claimants’ Compensation Attorneys (NACCA) was formed. In the tradition of progress, it was decided that, with Melvin M. Belli’s approval, there should be a group of lawyers who had distinguished themselves as trial lawyers and who were dedicated to the principles of education on an international basis.

Lawyers join this prestigious group by invitation and approval of the Board only. Named after America’s most famous trial lawyer, Melvin M. Belli Society and established in 1981 the purpose of this organization is to promote the international exchange of ideas among lawyers through meetings and education.

In 2000-2001, Gary Gober was President of the Belli Society and initiated an award in the spirit of Mel Belli to be given to an attorney who was innovative and made a significant contribution to the practice of trial Law in America. Every year since, a special trial lawyer has received the award and recognition.

This week, Michael Maggiano received the outstanding honor of being this year’s recipient of the Mel Award from the Belli Society. Receiving this award is a very prestigious honor, as each year, only one attorney is chosen who has made a large contribution to the practice of law in America. Both the reception and dinner will be held at the Ritz Carlton in Montreal, Canada, Friday, July 10, 2015. Michael Maggiano is honored to have his accomplishments recognized once more.

Gary Gober has said on behalf of the award, “I conceived the Mel Award some years ago as a way of honoring one attorney from around the country who, by virtue of his or her creative advocacy, spirit of innovation and paradigm-shifting techniques in the presentation of evidence, best exemplified Mel Belli’s tremendous contribution to the work we do as trial lawyers. Thus, the Mel pays tribute to the recipient and keeps alive the legacy of the greatest personal injury lawyer of the Twentieth Century.”

This year, for 2015, one more name will be added to the list of prestigious and deserving lawyers – Michael Maggiano.