Michael Maggiano to Co Chair Annual NJAJ Boardwalk — Masters in Advocacy Cross Examination Program

Over one hundred years ago the famed New York trial lawyer, Francis L. Wellman authored the historic treatise, The Art of Cross Examination. In it he wrote, “No one can frequent our courts of justice for any length of time without finding himself aghast at the daily spectacle presented by seemingly honest and intelligent men and women who array themselves upon opposite sides of a case and testify under oath to what appear to be absolutely contradictory statements of fact.” To deal with such challenge Wellman wrote, “ But as yet no substitute has ever been found for cross-examination as a means of separating truth from falsehood, and of reducing exaggerated statements to their true dimensions.”

Join Michael Maggiano and NJAJ on Monday June 28, 2021, in an exciting and inspiring day into the Master’s Art of Cross Examination. The Seminar Brochure provides a list of essential topics covered by nationally acclaimed trial lawyers from around the country.

Michael Maggiano, a Certified Civil Trial Attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey and the National Board of Trial Advocacy is a highly regarded advocate. Michael has over 45 years worth of knowledge and expertise in cross-examination to share with those in attendance. Register here to learn more.