Ostapeck v. Service Concrete Corp. Settlement

newsletterIn October 2013, a woman named Helen Testa was waiting to make a left turn in Hamburg when, all of a sudden, her car was struck from behind. It turns out, she had been struck from behind by a concrete mixer driven by a man named Steven Naoum, who worked for Service Concrete Corp. The horror didn’t end there for Testa, whose car was pushed into oncoming traffic from the collision. She then collided head-on with a car driven by Betty Ostapeck and her passenger and husband, Peter Ostapeck.

Catastrophic Injuries

As a result of the accident, Testa as well as the passengers in the other vehicle sustained very serious, life-changing injuries. She sustained a fracture of the rib and calf bone, and an extensive degloving injury that required debridement. Lastly, she sustained a fracture of her right lower leg.

Betty Ostapeck received herniated discs, a rotator cuff tear of the right shoulder, and severe sprains and strains of the hip and cervical spine. Her husband, Peter, suffered herniated discs.

Christopher DiGirolamo’s Role 

Christopher DiGirolamo, a managing partner at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi, handled the Ostapecks’ cases in mediation and settlement. After the mediation process, settlement was reached on October 25, 2016. Former Court judge Daniel Mecca helped them through the settlement process with the Mecca Law Firm. Christopher DiGirolamo was able to help the Ostapecks fight for their rights and receive $325,000 for Betty in damages, and $325,000 for Peter. Helen Testa received $550,000.

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