The Ten Leaders Cooperative

Ten Leaders Cooperative

The Ten Leaders Cooperative, founded in 2002, prides itself on its selection of exceptional professionals in law, medicine, finance, architecture, and technology. The Cooperative is made up of individuals who fully or partially own a longstanding professional practice or firm. The Ten Leaders Cooperative objective is to represent a reliable and well-informed group of professionals who meet and exceed standards of integrity, competence, and work ethic. It features and promotes groups that have exhibited outstanding service and good-faith efforts, as well as a solid record of stability and consistency.
The Cooperative is pleased to include members Michael Maggiano and Christopher DiGirolamo. As members of the Cooperative, these attorneys represent consistent, competent service in their practice. The Ten Leaders Cooperative is privileged to promote and protect these attorney’s reputation for outstanding performance and integrity.

Members do not pay to be included in the Ten Leaders. The Cooperative is supported by materials prepared and distributed on behalf of Active Members. Members are encouraged to take advantage of low-cost web services, speaker placement, scheduling services, and Online Reputation Protection. Members can also choose to engage in long-term, low-cost promotional campaigns.

Maggiano and DiGirolamo were chosen after extensive research into the marketplace, where the Cooperative took into account references from leading professional and input from peers in the speciality. Membership is based on five primary criteria. First, the Cooperative assesses the degree of focus. Members have a minimum focus of 85 percent, meaning that only experts in their field are selected. It is also taken into account how many years the firm has been practicing- a minimum of 10 years experience is required to be considered for the Cooperative.

The Cooperative also assesses the volume of clients in the given practice area compared with that of their peers. Peers within the field of practice are interviewed, to gain insight on the professional’s reputation. Finally, the Cooperative considers leadership and written work on behalf of the existing professional organizations, including sections and committees of state professional organizations. After this thorough research, Maggiano and DiGirolamo were selected as the best representations of experienced and accomplished professionals.