Trump Falsely Advertised Viral Toddler Video to Project Racial Hostility

Trump Falsely Advertised Viral Toddler Video to Project Racial Hostility

We have sued Donald Trump and his campaign for hijacking an original video of two adorable toddlers of different races hugging each other in friendship and in a spirit of racial unity. Trump and his campaign, through the help of another defendant and “meme consultant,” transformed and manipulated the original video into a divisive and false video projecting racial hostility and hatred. 

On June 18th, the eve of Juneteenth, Donald Trump then tweeted his false video to the public, and his campaign retweeted the offensive video. The result was that the false and racially charged video was viewed over 20 million times before Twitter banned it. 

Twitter flags video Trump retweeted of toddlers mocking CNN

Mr. Trump did this without the consent of the toddlers’ parents and for his own personal gain. In doing so, Mr. Trump violated the law as well as the civil rights and privacy rights of these toddlers. 

We are proud to have this opportunity to stand up for these toddlers and to defend their tender and truthful message of racial harmony. Above all, we are dedicated to defending their rights of privacy. 

Further Politicization Is Not the Goal

Donald Trump would like to excuse his racially charged video as satire or political commentary. 

The tweet and video are really an advertisement and solicitation of patronage for the Trump brand and name masquerading as breaking news. The tweet and video ultimately were used as advertising through the misappropriation of the identities and narratives of a pair of innocent toddlers for selfish and mercenary purposes. 

This video encapsulated their narrative: an account of friendship, racial unity, and harmony, completely independent and free from issues of racism. It was originally intended to be shared as an example and inspiration for coming generations the world over.   

The Trump video is not satire or political commentary, but even if it was, satire or political commentary must yield to the privacy rights of the individual. This is especially true when there is a gross disparity in the resources and powers of the respective parties involved and when the conduct in question is outrageous, shocking, and beyond the bounds of common decency.

We believe that Mr. Trump’s usage of the video, altering the unifying intent of the original video and ignoring the privacy rights of the toddlers involved, is an example of conduct outside the bounds of common decency. That’s why we are fighting to defend the rights of these children.

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