New Jersey Obstruction Accident Lawyers

While many motorcycle accidents occur as a result of the actions and negligent driving of others on the road, there is also another very real danger that presents itself more than it would to someone in a vehicle—road hazards. Due to the size and weight of the average motorcycle (being significantly less than a car or truck in every way) the likelihood of a road hazard being dangerous is much higher. However, if a motorcyclist is injured due to a poorly maintained road, etc. there is a strong chance that they may be able to seek recovery for their pain and suffering as well as the damages done to their bike from those responsible for road maintenance or the city.

Types of Road Hazards Motorcyclist’s May Encounter

These road hazards can be seemingly insignificant, and yet if your motorcycle hits it in the wrong way, it could result in a serious accident and subsequent injuries, and possibly even death. Rough and poorly maintained roads are a common cause of accidents as they are often left unkempt after construction in the area or other road work done. Without the proper warning signs to slow down in certain areas from the loose gravel and uneven surface areas, motorcyclists may have their very lives placed in danger.

Another common road hazard that the average motorist would never notice is when there is an uneven edge break, or when changing lanes the roads change heights. If the rider is not expecting this change it can result in an accident, and in the event there are other cars in the area this accident could turn into a collision with a moving vehicle. Potholes are usually the responsibility of the city to maintain, and yet if a motorist is unaware that one is approaching the results may be devastating.

Surfaces are often the greatest concern when it comes to the safety of a motorcyclist, and the changing of a road surface may lead to the rider losing control of their bike, swerving, and potentially crashing into another vehicle or the side of the road. Slick surfaces are the most dangerous when a rider is making a turn or driving on a winding road. This would include wet roads caused by rain, leaves on the ground, trolley tracks, crosswalk lanes or any other painted surfaces on the road, as well as the spilling of any oil or antifreeze on the roads.

NJ Road Hazards/ Obstruction Roadway Attorney

Each of the preceding problems that motorcycle riders may find along the highways and roadways throughout New Jersey can cause serious accidents resulting in injury and in some cases death. If you have been in an accident because of road hazards or obstructions, contact our lawyers at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi today. We have been helping those with personal injury cases for decades, and we have the experience you need.

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