electrocutions a real danger in the construction workplace

Electrocutions: A Real Danger in the Construction Workplace

You’ve probably taken a look around your construction site before and seen the following: power tools, heavy machinery, construction vehicles, and more. Because there is electricity and things that run on electricity, this means that there is always the risk of electrocution. Electrocutions in the construction workplace are actually part of the “fatal four,” which according to OSHA, are four of the most common causes of deaths in construction accidents.

There are many reasons why these accidents take place and many reasons why they shouldn’t – because, as with any injury, they are completely preventable. Some of the most common reasons for their occurrence are faulty equipment, unsafe tools, poorly marked construction zones, poor lighting, or wires that have not been grounded properly.

New Jersey Examples  

These catastrophic accidents happen everywhere, including New Jersey, every year. In one instance, a 19-year-old man was electrocuted while working and pulling new wiring to an electrical duct. He came in contact with an arcing current and caught severe burns from his electrocution accident.

In another incident, a roofer was electrocuted this year and died from his injuries. At the time of the incident, the man and a second worker (who received injuries) were on the ground but attempting to move a ladder. Suddenly, they hit the power lines and were shocked as a result.

The Reality of Injuries  

Electrocution injuries can be some of the most devastating as well as permanent, with many being fatal if the accident is severe enough. Most of the time, a worker who is electrocuted will have severe burns across their body as well as injuries from being thrown (such as spinal injuries). The person may experience internal injuries and have shortness of breath, chest, or abdominal pain. In some of the worst cases, a victim could suffer from cardiac arrest after electric shock, and will be found not breathing.

Your injuries are serious to us and, as such, we want to hold parties liable who may have caused your accident or allowed it to happen by ignoring safety measures. Some of these parties include employers, contractors, or manufacturers who have made faulty parts, leading to electrocution. It is important to speak to us today if you have been electrocuted on the job and need our help working toward the compensation you deserve. With mounting medical bills and time away from work, we know how much it means to you, so call us for more information on how we can help.