ive sustained an overexertion injury in the workplace

I’ve Sustained an Overexertion Injury in the Workplace

Physical overexertion is known to be one of the leading causes of injuries in the workplace. In fact, these specific types of injuries cost the country $15.1 billion in workers’ compensation costs, as well as missing more time at work. These unique injuries take place when somebody exceeds the limits of their bodies for their work, such as what happens when you stretch or tear a ligament and more. It can happen when you push or pull heavy objects or lift things in a repetitive manner.

There are many symptoms of overexertion injuries. You may lose your breath or fail to be able to walk at work. You may feel dehydrated with dizziness, dry mouth, muscle cramps, and more. Perhaps you will feel large amounts of fatigue or your joints will ache, the typical precursors to overexertion injuries. After you have reported the injury to your employer and seek medical treatment, you will probably find yourself in the mix of heat treatments, anti-inflammatory drugs, rest, and more.

Overexertion Injuries: Highly Preventable  

Approximately 20% of all overexertion injuries happen due to preventable pushing and pulling on the job. Research has shown that the cause of many of these accidents are due to unsafe acts, and not unsafe mechanical or physical conditions. Unfortunately, many people do not understand this because they push their bodies to their limits to meet the high demands of a workplace. Because employers may not allow workers to have the breaks they need, they do not warn them to recognize their personal limitations. This is why, in the end, many employers are liable for these accidents and the constant pushing they require on the job.

Workers should always ask for help when a job seems like a lot to handle for one person, use carts to shift anything they cannot move with ease, and take periodic breaks to rest their muscles. It is important to remember these tips and speak with a personal injury attorney if you have sustained an overexertion injury on the job. We can help you gain the compensation you need and deserve after your accident.