Exposure to Toxins in the Workplace: Your Options

If you have been injured in the workplace by toxic substances, you may have a right to a workers’ compensation claim. These occupational diseases can be determined by a specialized doctor after you have filed a workers’ compensation claim with your employer. There are many types of substances that are known to cause harm to an employee such as asbestos, benzene, arsenic, chloroform, lead, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, and more.

In some cases, your employer may have taken many reasonable steps to prevent your accident from happening in the first place. Despite this, it does not eliminate your right to a workers’ compensation claim if you have been exposed and fallen ill. Workers’ comp recovery is not based on fault – in fact, the only thing that is required of you is being exposed to the dangerous substance in the course of your employment. This is in contrast to a regular personal injury claim, where you must prove that your employer acted negligently.

How to Receive Compensation

If you have been exposed to toxins in the workplace, the first thing that you should do is speak to your doctor who will evaluate your condition. If it is determined that you have an illness due to exposure, you must speak to your employer immediately and fill out the forms necessary for a claim. We, as your attorneys, will help you gather necessary evidence to establish the fact that your illness is directly tied to chemical exposure in the workplace.

If this determination is made, of course, you will receive benefits. You may receive temporary disability benefits for lost income, permanent partial disability, and coverage for your medical treatment expenses. You can speak to us today at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi to find out what benefits may be available to you. For years, we have been leading advocates for many employees who have been hurt in the workplace. We have experience to handle your claim.