Injured in a Trucking Accident Involving Debris or Flying Objects

In February 2017, a steel beam came flying off of a tractor-trailer on a popular New Jersey Highway, hitting another vehicle. The steel beam load weighed thousands of deadly pounds and the driver was moving to the center lane of the highway at the time of the accident. When he hit the rear of the cargo bed of another truck driver, the impact caused the beams to dislodge and spill all over the lanes of the road. A 2014 Toyota was hit on the opposite lane of the highway, completely demolishing the vehicle. The driver was seriously injured.

A Common Occurrence 

With the introduction of many commercial trucks on the roadways in the past few decades, everybody has become familiar with the hazards of driving behind and around these large trucks that are thousands of pounds more than a motor vehicle. If your vehicle is struck by debris or flying objects from the back of a commercial truck, you may have questions concerning liability and damages. Many victims of these life-changing accidents are finding that, if debris flies off the back of the truck and causes you injury, the company is required by law to pay the damages. Many of these accidents happen due to negligence by either the truck driver or somebody who loaded the vehicle because sometimes they were the cause of the potential hazard. Commercial drivers are urged to inspect their trucks before every use for potential hazards, as required by the law.

These cases can be hard to prove at times, as it may be difficult to produce evidence showing that another driver was responsible for the debris that hit your vehicle and caused your accident. Commercial drivers are not permitted to take their vehicle on the road unless their load is covered and securely fastened. With help from us on your side, you can determine the liable parties and come to many conclusions about your case. Call us today at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi to handle your most complex truck accident cases.