On-Site Consultation Program Helping Achieve Excellence

In New Jersey, companies are now achieving safety excellence due to an On-Site Consultation Program under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The On-Site Consultation Program has been offering occupational safety and health advice to small businesses that are not only confidential but also meet OSHA safety standards. Business owners can request the on-site visit and a consultant will come to discuss a business’ specific needs and then study the entire workplace to point out safety and health risks. This process has many benefits, one of them being the fact that it helps lower injury and illness rates, saving employers and employees from accidents, time, and money. It also helps increase productivity rates, which can lead to better businesses.

For employers who utilize the consultation services, they may find that there are benefits: they may be accepted into the OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program. This is a special program that recognizes small business employers that have used their services and operate injury and illness prevention programs with results in their workplace. This singles many businesses out as models for workplace safety and health.

Success Story: US Drop Forge 

A Woolwich, N.J. manufacturer of heavy metals known as US Drop Forge is a success story for a business that made significant improvements to its confined space and electrical safety programs after meeting with OSHA consultants. Because the company is in the heavy metal industry, they understand that injuries are common and they worked to achieve their SHARP flag, which they earned in 2014. Since then, they have been able to renew their status after going years without an injury. Success stories like this show workplace improvement.

If you have been injured in a New Jersey workplace accident, we at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi have what it takes to handle your case and listen to your concerns. If negligence in the workplace was at play, you may have a case and be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Employers must manage a safe workplace to keep employees from sustaining life-changing injuries and illnesses. Call us today for more.