Most Common Workplace Injuries

Unfortunately, workplace injuries happen all the time and not every single one will be prevented. This is why it is necessary to understand how the likelihood of an injury can be prevented and you can stay safe on the job. Workplace injuries affect an employee’s physical or mental health and workers’ compensation claims will usually result, costing an employer money that they wouldn’t have had to pay otherwise. What are some of the most common injuries and why do they occur in the workplace?

  • Overexertion: These injuries happen due to pulling, lifting, pushing, holding, carrying, and throwing.
  • Falls: These incidents can happen for many reasons, one of which is falling on wet and slippery office floors. Another reason is when somebody falls from an elevated area, including roofs, ladders, and stairways.
  • Struck by Object: If an object falls from a shelf, it could cause very serious injuries when it strikes an employee.
  • Highway Incident: As a part of many jobs, transportation may be used such as trucks and cars. If they are involved in a vehicle accident, they may cause serious injuries.
  • Compression: Dangerous machinery can cause these accidents when somebody is caught between or compressed by equipment.
  • Repetitive Motion: Using the computer 24/7 can strain muscles and tendons in the back, wrists, and more. It may also cause vision problems.
  • Assaults: There have been many cases of attacks in the workplace in the past, causing very serious physical injuries to an employee.

Success in Injury Plans 

Many states have already implemented successful injury plans that brought great results. For instance, Alaska had an injury and illness plan for over 20 years now and they saw a net decrease in injuries and illnesses. California began requiring a program in 1991 and, after five years, they saw a 19% decrease in the number of injuries that workers received. This is why it is easy to see that injury programs actually do work and help prevent workers from being involved in serious and life-altering accidents.

To help employees stay free from harm, there is something known as Workplace Safety Law. This consists of federal and state regulations imposed on businesses in an effort to keep employees safe from any harm. Government agents have the right to investigate violations and issue citations for noncompliance if they catch wind that accidents and illnesses are occurring in the workplace. One of the agencies put in place has been implemented by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA has come up with the OSH Act, which provides that each employee must be told about hazards existing in the workplace and receive the best training possible to avoid those hazards.

If you have been injured in the workplace, legal assistance is your best option. At Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi, we do just that to help guide you through the tedious process of a personal injury. By conducting an internal investigation by the company and its attorney, a determination will be made to ensure that the employee’s claim is valid. Call us today to get started!