Injured in a Crane Accident

In New York, February of 2016, a 500-foot crane collapsed and killed 1 pedestrian as well as injuring many others. Ever since then, employers as well as organizations have been banding together to come up with the perfect solution to make sure that this never happens again. In fact, proposals were put forth to urge the installation of black boxes that could measure wind speeds and prevent these deadly accidents. Every single crane in the city would have a new unit installed as part of this provision. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration understands just how serious the problem is, as their statistic research states that 4,800 workers were killed on the job in 2014. Better provisions and not allowing crane usage when wind speeds are in excess of 20 miles per hour would help end these risks.

Crane Accidents From a Legal Standpoint

Cranes are huge, advanced pieces of equipment that can extend hundreds of feet while being mounted from vehicles or various platforms. The accidents involving cranes can be tremendous just like their enormous size. These accidents can occur for many reasons, such as malfunction and negligence. If a crane has a simple flaw, it can cause an accident just like a defect in a car would, regardless of the experience of the operator. However, sometimes it is in fact the operator’s fault. If they are not skilled in crane operation or is operating the crane in an unsafe manner, then it can turn into an extremely dangerous piece of machinery.

Since cranes are so enormous, the accidents caused by them can be horrific in nature. Here are some of the most common accidents that might occur:

  • Dropped Items: Sometimes, accidents will occur when an item is dropped from a crane. These are actually some of the most common accidents. If the crane was in the middle of moving the item and it fell from the crane, then the damages could be catastrophic. Depending on the weight of the object and the addition of the elevation, anybody found walking underneath it at that time could receive severe injuries resulting from the collision.
  • Hook: Injuries can also result from a crane’s hook when it is attempting to grasp and lift objects. The hook itself is a very heavy object. When an unfastened hook swings wildly on its own, it could cause severe personal injuries.
  • Unbalanced Cranes: If a crane is unbalances or improperly mounted, it can cause a crane accident as well. Cranes have a history of toppling over or tipping when they are carrying an object that exceeds the weight of the mount. For individuals who are in the direct area of the crane, this can pose a serious danger – as well as for the crane operator themselves.

The good news is, crane accidents will typically not happen in the first place because they must be constantly operated and maintained in construction zones. There are many regulations and laws regarding cranes and this is beneficial for those working in the industry. However, accidents will always occur, which is why you should have an attorney on your side if you have been injured in one of these unsightly accidents. Call us today at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi to find out more about how to start your claim.