Over 27,000 Employers Helped by On-Site Program

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is always working to create an all-around safer workplace for everyone. With their On-site Consultation Program, they have made it a point to offer free safety and health advice to many types of businesses across the country, with a special priority given to those that work high-hazard. These services are more relaxed and do not reflect what happens during enforcement in the way that there are no penalties or citations. Through these services, employers can find out more about workplace hazards as well as how they can work to establish injury and illness prevention programs.

How the Program Helped Many in 2016

When OSHA’s program debuted in 2016, an astounding 27,385 small and mid-sized businesses took advantage of the services. More than half of all visits took place at construction and manufacturing sites. Because of this, employers were able to learn how to eliminate more than 140,000 total hazards from last year. This subsequently protected up to 3.3 million workers from injury or death.

Because productivity and workers’ health are extremely important, employers are learning how to take charge with these amazing programs that give special insight to employees. Here are some things that you need to know about the consultation:

  • It could help you qualify for a one-year exemption from routine OSHA inspections.
  • It is confidential and will not be reported to inspection staff.
  • You will not receive citations or penalties – only advice and help.
  • It helps lower injury and illness rates.
  • Because it is voluntary, you must actively request it.
  • You will receive a review and agree to what should be changed.

The on-site program has been helping employers keep their employees safe in many ways. By understanding what must be changed in the workplace, employers can work to make these changes and give employees a safe place to work. Call us today for more information on how this works.