Parental Responsibility Laws

Are you aware that you, as a parent of a minor child, can be held responsible for your child’s actions regarding property damage, personal injury, theft, shoplifting and/or vandalism resulting from intentional or willful acts?

Parental responsibility laws have been a mainstay of our legal system for more than a century. While it may appear to be unfair for a parent to be held responsible for the acts of his or her child, New Jersey laws have decided that an innocent victim should not bear the financial burden of property damage or medical expenses that resulted through no fault of their own.

Parents have a legal duty to control their minor children by becoming more involved in their lives – to teach them better life skills so their children can make better decisions for themselves. If the parent fails to fulfill his or her legal obligation to control their child and the child causes harm to another person or to property, the parent is legally responsible. To learn more about who can be held liable if you have injuries or property damage caused by a minor, knowing for sure if you can file a claim it is best to discuss your case with a knowledgeable attorney. Get a better understanding on the Parental Responsibility Law by speaking to a trusting New Jersey personal injury law firm. 

If a child is negligent, that negligence is imputed to the parent.

According to New Jersey Statute Section 2A:53A-16, “The parents of any minor who shall maliciously or willfully injure any property of a railroad, street railway, traction railway or auto-bus public utility shall be liable for damages in the amount of the injury to a limit of $5,000, to be collected by the property owner in the Superior Court, together with costs of suit.”

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