What is inadequate security?

Understanding What Inadequate Security Is

It’s just not possible to always predict when an accident or crime will occur.

Inadequate or negligent security is often to blame for the preventable assault, rape, injury, or homicide of an innocent crime victim.

It’s when a business fails to provide adequate security, placing a tenant or customer at greater risk of being victimized by the acts of a third party.

Inadequate security is often the cause of personal injuries to individuals. These injuries can be devastating and life-changing.

Inadequate security can happen:

  • In nursing homes or assisted living facilities
  • At shopping malls
  • On public transportation
  • At a hotel
  • At a college
  • In parking garages and parking lots
  • At an ATM machine

Businesses are required to provide you with adequate and necessary security for your safety. They have the legal responsibility to maintain a safe situation or to warn visitors of potentially dangerous conditions.

Inadequate security claims concern legal liability imposed on business and property owners for foreseeable actions of others which cause harm. It happens when an individual is attacked or victimized by a third party. Sometimes it is the result of inadequate lighting in a parking lot or a hotel providing an inadequate or defective locking system.

Inadequate security is negligence and lawsuits resulting from this are also referred to as premise liability claims. The victim claims that something happened to him or her on the premises of a business that could have been prevented if there had been better security in place.

If there were things that the business or property owner could have done – should have done – to prevent the incident, the victim may be able to hold them legally responsible for their injuries.

If businesses and/or property owners want your patronage, they should look after your security. If they fail to do so, and you are the victim of a crime, you have grounds for a lawsuit.

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