Were you hit by a vehicle backing up in NJ?

Most think that backing up a car is a fairly simple maneuver. Wrong! If the driver is not paying close attention, he or she can cause a serious backup accident.

Backup accidents are when a driver puts the vehicle into reverse and then hits an object, person or other vehicle. All vehicles are equipped with rear-view mirrors, which are adequate for detecting vehicles behind you, but they are often inadequate when it comes to detecting small children or objects that are low to the ground and fall into your vehicle’s blind spot. Speaking of blind spots – large trucks have much larger blind spots that can hide entire vehicles and some adults as well.

Backup accidents can occur when negligent drivers fail to take proper care when backing up out of a driveway, parking spot or even on the street. If the driver fails to take the proper precautions, such as checking his or her mirrors, looking behind them and proceeding slowly and carefully, accidents can occur.

The good news is more and more vehicles are equipped with rear-facing backup cameras and backup alarms in order to prevent people from backing up and hitting someone or something.

The bad news is unfortunately, not all vehicles on the road today have these features, plus these features are not all foolproof – people are still injured in backup accidents.

Vehicle backup injuries can happen anywhere – from your own driveway to the grocery store parking lot. In many cases, victims are children, simply because they are smaller and more difficult to see when backing up.

Sadly, most victims are children, suffering abrasions, contusions, fractures, road burns and even death. With this severe an injury, you or your loved one will likely require extensive medical treatment, which you will need to be compensated for.

When you have been injured in a backup accident or any kind of accident, it is important to obtain the legal representation you can count on. Determining liability  and how the negligent party was at fault is important in presenting your case.

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