Reasons Why You Should File Your Workers’ Comp Claim Quickly

When you have been injured on the job, it pays to be timely about your case, and not just because of the statute of limitations. The first thing that you should always do after seeking medical attention for your injuries is to speak with your employer and report the accident and injuries. One of the worst mistakes that employees make regarding accidents is keeping that information to themselves because they are afraid of retaliation. Unfortunately, waiting too long can raise major concerns and bar you from receiving the compensation you deserve later on down the road. We will walk you through some reasons why you should never wait.

Why You Should Wait to File Your Claim

Failure of Investigation: When you wait to file a claim, nothing gets done regarding the accident. Perhaps the same type of injuries could happen to another employee, as well, because you chose not to speak up. An insurance company can conduct an investigation if you speak up as soon as possible, and it can also help you get early evidence for your case that could otherwise disappear.

Increasing Costs of Claim: Costs tend to increase with each day when you refuse to report. The Hartford Financial Service Group conducted research and found that waiting 15-28 days to report an injury could increase costs by an astounding 30%! 

Hurting Morale: By not reporting the injury, other employees may feel as if they should keep quiet as well and could lose confidence in similar cases. This could lessen the motivation of the workplace overall. 

If you are a worker who reported an accident and injury and your employer did not take care of it, that’s another story. It could actually be against the law for an employer to ignore your claim if you are waiting for a resolution or compensation to help pay for things like medical bills and lost wages. To get the best results, you should always report your injury as soon as possible after it occurred. Call us today at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi for the best results on your workers’ comp case.