The Deadliness of Speeding in a New Jersey Trucking Accident

It is proven that, when a trucking accident occurs and the driver was not speeding, it is less likely to become a fatal accident. However, data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shows that 13.1% of all fatal truck accidents consist of a truck driver driving between the speeds of 70 and 75, and many more were speeding at other speeds. According to many studies taking place over the years, speeding is the leading driver-related error.

Why is Speeding so Dangerous in Trucking Accidents? 

Trucking accidents involving speed are going to be dangerous, naturally, because trucks are so large compared to motor vehicles. Semi-trucks also take 40% longer to come to a complete stop than passenger vehicle counterparts. This means that, when they are already traveling at fast speeds, they may not be able to stop in time, causing a catastrophic accident that can change everyone’s lives. The reason why it is so difficult for a truck to stop is mostly due to the vehicle’s overall weight. There is a huge comparison between passenger vehicles and trucks – with passenger vehicles weighing in around 5,000 pounds, and semi-trucks weighing as much as 80,000 pounds.

Luckily, many truck drivers are now equipped with data recorders that track their speed. Federal agencies sometimes control the speed at which they travel by issuing speed-limiting devices that stop them from traveling too quickly. These measures act like a deterrent in several states.

Making Your Claim

When you have been injured in a trucking accident due to speeding, you must prove negligence on behalf of the driver. However, these cases are not always so easy, because the defendant could be a variety of different people, from the driver, to the trucking company, to other parties. It is very important to be able to establish the defendant so that you can hold a party liable and receive compensation. Call us today if you have been injured in a trucking accident, as we have experience in these cases and can help you receive the compensation you deserve.