The Three Types of Defective Product Liability Claims

Every year, people are injured due to defective products and sometimes aren’t sure where to turn, Luckily for you, we handle defective product liability claims at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi. The three types of claims include defective manufacture, defective design, or failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions. When you gain a better understanding of these categories, you can more easily understand whether or not you have a claim to bring in court.

What Are the Types of Product Liability? 

Defective Manufacturing: Products become defective in manufacturing when there is a flaw due to an error in making the product. In some cases, there will be an issue at the factory where it is manufactured, making one product different from other ones on the shelf. Two examples include swing sets with cracked chains or a bike missing brake pads. To be able to recover damages from a company, you must be able to show that the injury was caused by a defect and not by your own mistakes.

Defective Design: In some cases, a product may be designed in a way that makes it dangerous or defective. Design defects can be models of cars that are more prone to accidents due to design error, sunglasses that fail to protect the eyes, or a phone that has an exploding battery. Of course, again, the defective design must have been the cause of injury in these cases if you want to receive damages.

Failure to Provide Adequate Warnings or Instructions: If the manufacturer did not provide warnings or instructions regarding use, then you may have a failure-to-warn claim.

By understanding the differences in all of these claims, you will be able to identify which type of case you have. Call us today for more information on how we can help you.