Why is Fatigued and Dangerous Driving Becoming Prevalent?

Millions of people will drive a vehicle while feeling drowsy every year, which accounts for many accidents happening on the roadways at any given time. The problem remains: There is no test to determine sleepiness as there is for intoxication, which is why police must look at it from face value. Now that you understand that there are very real risks of injuries and fatalities stemming from these accidents every year, you can understand why trucking accidents are so dangerous when a trucker falls asleep at the wheel of their large truck.

Pushing Truckers Too Hard 

Many accidents every year will occur because truckers will push too hard and drive negligently to reach their goals. Many times this is due to the fact that trucking companies will avoid the serious regulations that keep drivers of both trucks and motor vehicles safe. Many of the issues that become prevalent in citations every year include too many working hours, rest periods, size and weight limits, and safety standards that are not abided by. Of course, falling asleep at the wheel is one of the biggest issues.

One of the biggest reasons why falling asleep at the wheel has become more prevalent is because sleep apnea is going undiagnosed. Mounting evidence has shown that sleep apnea has caused massive levels of fatigue in truck drivers who need to remain alert to stay alive. Since 2008, those at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have been working to change this by regulating the trucking industry. They have made it a ‘must’ for drivers to get checked and treated for the condition.

The problem is, making it a requirement has turned into a big deal because the treatment can take a month or more, keeping truckers out of work for quite some time. Sleep tests and treatment could cost thousands of dollars that many people without health insurance do not have. Now people are questioning whether or not Congress is being as safe as possible by not pushing to keep these tests- and only time can tell. In any regard, if you are injured in a trucking accident, call us today. We will help you and answer all questions that you may have concerning your case.