Unsecured Truck Cargo Accident Leaves 19 Vehicles Damaged

In Clinton, New Jersey early Tuesday, a trucking accident caused heavy delays on eastbound Interstate 78, when the truck hauling metal beams lost part of its cargo. At least 19 vehicles were damaged in the catastrophic accident, including tire and bodywork. One person was flown to a trauma center for injuries, while a second person was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Unfortunately, this tends to be the outcome for these accidents, where many injuries can keep somebody returning to work or living the lifestyle they did before the accident.

Approximately two-thirds of crashes are the result of items falling from a vehicle due to improper maintenance and unsecured loads. You may wonder how liability comes into play in these accidents. The truth is, the drivers that cause truck accidents due to unsecured cargo are just as liable for the resulting accident as drivers who do other negligent actions, such as distracted driving or not taking caution in certain weather conditions. These accidents can be so serious that they not only cause injuries, but they can also cause fatalities due to the strength of the load and the speed of the driver.

Common Types of Cargo Accidents  

You’ve probably seen a lot of accidents on the highways over the past few years, or pieces of cargo left behind. You may have seen boxes, mattresses, or lumber – some of the most common. In many of these cases, the cargo flew off when other drivers were sharing the road, which can turn into a deadly situation more quickly than you would imagine. The thing that you must understand is that these sometimes-deadly accidents can easily be prevented through implementing safety standards for drivers to abide by. Unfortunately, you may see some drivers skirting around these guidelines to meet deadlines by trucking companies. In these cases, you have to look to the trucking company for liability.

If you were injured in an accident involving unsecured cargo on a truck in New Jersey, we want to speak with you. We have experience in trucking personal injury cases and can help you gain the compensation you deserve after somebody’s negligence has caused turmoil in your life. Contact us for more information on how we can help.