When You Are Involved in a Tow Truck Accident

In the United States, you will find approximately 35,000 towing companies, with hundreds of thousands of people being employed through this helpful industry. Some of these people include dispatchers, safety advisers, and business owners, but most importantly – tow truck operators. Two truck drivers respond to about 15 million accidents every year, working in some of the worst weather conditions, and risking their lives in the midst of crashes. Sometimes, their jobs are life or death – not only for the tow truck drivers, but also for the motorists who are sharing the roadways.

Types of Tow Truck Accidents 

We are skilled at getting you the compensation you deserve in your tow truck accident, as we have experience in truck accidents and personal injuries. We understand that tow trucks pose greater risks than other vehicles, based on their size and weight. Here are the common types of accidents that take place involving tow trucks every year:

Vehicle Being Disconnected: Tow truck drivers are trained to strap their vehicles to the back of the truck. However, sometimes the cables break loose or the car falls off the bed of the truck. By driving into a vehicle or avoiding the car that broke loose, you could be involved in a serious accident.

Car Accident: Sometimes, the tow truck driver is the cause of the accident, as they are not paying attention to the roadways, making an illegal lane change, or driving at unsafe speeds. Because these trucks are bigger than your average vehicle, it could cause catastrophic injuries to be involved in an accident. 

Failure to See Brake Lights: Brake lights are the one signal that shows the driver behind you that it’s time to slow down. With tow brakes being invisible or obstructed, a rear-end accident could occur.

Improper Maintenance: Companies and drivers alike must ensure that their trucks are safe at all times, which means that mechanisms are safe and secure and brake lights are working. If a tow truck is broken or malfunctioning, one of many parties could be held liable in an accident.

The injuries stemming from these accidents could be quite severe, as with any truck-related accident. This is because these vehicles are much larger than your average motor vehicle, which can leave a greater impact in the end. If you were involved in a tow truck accident, call us today. We are experienced personal injury attorneys who can handle your truck-related claim and get you the best results possible.