What to do When You Receive Scarring in a Personal Injury

If you have been injured in a catastrophic accident involving another vehicle or a commercial truck, you may wonder what options you have. Perhaps your injuries were very permanent ones: scarring and disfigurement. When scars appear in a location where they are completely visible to everyone you meet, you may be embarrassed or become secluded, suffering in emotional ways from your accident. It may cause you to become introverted, keep you from a job, or enjoying your life overall. Injuries that are visible to the general public are more likely to be viewed as harmful by the jury, and could affect the amount in damages that you receive.

From a physical standpoint, scars can change your life as well. For instance, they can cause inflexibility in a particular area of flesh, such as developing a scar at a joint. This can result in loss of mobility in that specific area as well as many other changes that can affect your life. Nerve sensitivity may also be lacking, as well as distress that you can receive on a psychological level. So what can you do if you have received scars or disfigurement from your accident and want to obtain damages? You will have to sue the negligent party involved in your accident.

The Importance of Documentation

Your medical records should always relay the information relating to your scarring or disfigurement. Your doctor is your best source of compensation, as they can mention the important details such as whether the scar has an effect on your mobility, or if it has caused you emotional stress. This could later reflect your recovery for what is known as a permanent injury.

The problem with these injuries are that they can be particularly difficult to value. In many cases, there will be a comparison to how these cases have been awarded in the past and how much others have received for the same type of scar. You may even include the cost of removing or repairing the scar, as recited by your treating physician. We can help you recover after you have received scars or disfigurement from an accident caused by an at-fault party. Call us today for more information on how we can help you in your case at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi.