When a Stray Wheel Causes You Injuries in a Truck Accident

We hear of deadly, injury-causing wheel-off accidents in every state in our country, and there are many reasons why these accidents occur. According to federal laws, however, it is a requirement for a driver to perform basic inspections before and after trips to ensure that there are no issues in the wheel that would cause it to break loose. In many cases, drivers will circle their truck before they go out on the job and after they come back to ensure that tires are properly inflated, lugnuts are tightened and in place, and many other aspects. However, what happens if these signs are missed and a catastrophic truck accident occurs as a result?

Reasons Why These Accidents May Occur 

According to an investigation conducted by NTSB, there are many reasons why these accidents might occur, even though they are not always reported this way. For some incidents, it could happen due to the season. Of 643 incidents where wheel separations were recorded, failure of wheel fasteners accounted for 65% of the accidents, with wheel bearings falling behind at 26%. In some of the cases, the wheel was recently repaired and the accident still took place. In other cases, wheel nuts work loose due to lost clamping force when materials are lodged between the wheel discs or fasteners become damaged by the repair shops that do the work.

How we Can Help 

When a wheel rolls off of a truck, it can cause catastrophic injuries and, in a wide variety of cases, death. In many of these cases gone wrong, you see wrongful death suits being taken to compensate for the loss of loved ones. When a wheel comes off of a truck, many parties could be held liable, from the truck driver who failed to maintain their vehicle, to the truck owner who did not receive the correct maintenance, to the tire manufacturer who made a defective wheel. The best way to get the best results in your case is to speak to an experienced attorney who has years of experience in trucking accident law. We can help you with your case, so give us a call.