Dangourous winter driving on icy roads in New Jersey

Winter Weather Accidents

Winter weather can make it more likely for commuters to find themselves in a car accident. The freezing temperatures and dangerous precipitation (snow, sleet, and hail) can cause dangerous conditions on the road. Combine that with the fact that we often travel more during these months due to the holidays, and it’s no surprise that these hazardous conditions lead to more crashes. It’s important to be aware of the dangers of winter weather and prepare accordingly, so that you can have a safe drive. If you are in an accident, get a trusted New York lawyer or New Jersey lawyer to represent you. Here are some tips for navigating harsh Northeastern winters.

winter driving

Dangerous winter driving on icy roads

Make Sure Your Car is Cleared Off

Take a few extra minutes in the morning (or any time you plan to drive) to make sure that your car is thoroughly cleared off. Start by completely clearing the snow from all of your windows. Partially cleared windshields can restrict your visibility more than you might think. Then, use an ice scraper or a defroster to make sure your windows are also free of ice. Clear the snow from the top, hood, and trunk as well; if it comes off during a drive, it can endanger you or other motorists.

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Allow Yourself Extra Time to Commute

You’ll fare better on the road if you’re not in a hurry. Also, that extra time will allow you to reduce your speed appropriately and make you less likely to tailgate. Your stress level will be lower, and you’ll stand a better chance of getting there safely instead of just getting there on time. It can take up to ten times longer for your car to stop in slippery conditions, which is something you don’t want to gamble with. Remember, you could encounter black ice, which is incredibly hard to see, and you might not even know that you’re already driving in slippery conditions until you brake or make a turn. Even if you’re driving in a familiar area, black ice can catch you unaware.

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Prioritize Visibility

The winter roads are dangerous enough; never hamper your ability to see the road and the cars around you. Make sure to use your headlights, even in the daytime, if there’s precipitation. It may not seem like much, but it can make a significant difference. Even if your lights aren’t helping you see better, they are helping other drivers see you better, which is important. Also, keep a pair of sunglasses in the car. We often associate sunglasses with summer, but the glare of winter sun off of snow can also be blinding. Don’t forget about the sun visor, as well, which can help protect your eyes.

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