Working on a construction site is tough work, and it may be risky too, as construction zones are often dangerous places. Because of the work risk involved, construction accidents occur frequently on work sites, and these types of industrial accidents may be tragic in nature.

Over 20 percent of all worker deaths in 2018 happened in the construction industry, according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) data. Excluding workers killed in highway incidents, the top causes of worker deaths in these construction accidents known as the “Fatal Four” include falling, getting hit by machinery, being electrocuted, or becoming caught or stuck between construction equipment.

Taken together, this means many construction workers may be in harm’s way and at serious risk of having a personal injury on a construction site. If you or a family member have been injured in a construction accident in Palisades Park, New Jersey, you may be entitled to compensation for costs related to the injury. Consider contacting the construction accident team from Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi P.C. at (201) 585-9111 to begin exploring any possible legal options related to your accident. A Palisades Park construction accident lawyer may be able to help explore your legal rights to seek a settlement from an accident suffered on a construction site.

Labor Laws and What You Need to Know

Higher Number of Unrecorded Construction Accidents

The total number of recorded cases in construction accidents was about the same in 2018 as it was in 2017, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates. But these numbers are only the recorded cases, and the actual figures may be higher if you include unreported accidents that may happen every year on job sites.

Construction workers do not report all accidents suffered on construction sites for a number of reasons, according to The Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR), including the prevailing knowledge that construction work is risky and workers accept that an injury may happen while on the job. Workers may also not want to imperil their standings for any safety-related prizes or incentives, so they may not report accidents.

The worker may also not want to be known as weak or ineffective, or be the person known for taking time off due to a site injury. Other reasons may include fear of retaliation by the employer, or the worker is simply not inclined to take the time to report an accident on a construction site.

Settlement Options for Unreported Cases

The conclusion that may be drawn from this information is that construction accidents likely happen more often than reported, and not all construction accidents go to court for possible financial settlements.

This is why it makes sense for someone who has suffered a construction accident injury to consider seeking out a Palisades Park construction accident lawyer to explore legal options. Call the staff at Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi P.C. at (201) 585-9111 to discuss your accident case through a free consultation, and we may be able to help you explore the facts around the accident if we move forward with the case.

Verdicts and Settlements

$817,500 - Premise Liability/Workers’ Compensation

Client 63 years old, was in the course of his employment as a driver for Benjamin Moore Paint and was doing his pre-drive inspection of his 18 wheel tractor trailer. It had snowed 8 inches about 3-4 days prior and the temperature had fluctuated above and below freezing, creating a melt, thaw and then refreeze in the parking lot where the tractor trailers were kept. It had…

$300,000 - Fall From Elevated Planking

Settlement in the case of a 62 year old electrician’s helper who died after falling from loose planking at a height of 22 feet in a boiler room at an apartment complex.

$101,000,000 - Construction Accident

To 20 injured workers and the families of four workers who were killed in the collapse of a parking garage at the Tropicana Casino Resort in 2003. The case involved multiple defendants, including Tropicana and a number of construction contractors. The parking garage collapsed while it was under construction because rebar was not properly installed, leaving the floors disconnected from the walls. As part of the trial…

Safety Concerns on the Construction Site

Falls on construction sites may have a higher rate than the other three “Fatal Four” construction site accidents. These accidents include falling from scaffolding, building platforms, and other work areas that are raised higher. Safety and training procedures should be in place to protect construction workers from falling while on job sites.

To help construction company owners, OSHA offers guidance on how to protect workers from experiencing falls on construction sites. Among the recommendations for site owners is to provide fall protection for workers, like guardrails, safety nets, and other equipment designed to avoid falls on a construction site.

The OSHA minimum safeguards for construction employers to slow the flow of falling accidents include:

  • Providing guardrails around open-sided floors or runways that are elevated.
  • Using a floor covering to stop a construction worker from stepping into a hazard.
  • Putting stair railings, safety harnesses, safety nets, and handrails on construction job sites.

Code Violations

Some construction employers disregard the OSHA standards for safety noted above, and may not follow strict safety codes and building codes. Common code violations may include:

  • Violations of fire code guidelines: No extinguishers on site.
  • Violations for using potentially unsafe construction equipment: Faulty switches or loose handles.
  • Violations in how the work is performed: Having an extra-dangerous work process.

Safety codes at construction sites are very important. Construction site owners should adhere closely to them for the safety of their employees and the success of a project.

Accidents Involving Other Companies

Sometimes, accidents may occur at construction sites in which the fault is shared with an outside company. This may result in the possibility of filing an additional claim for any injuries suffered in the course of work.

For example, a construction worker may be running a major piece of machinery that is in use for a particular project. This machinery may have a large defect that causes it to malfunction and causes a work-related injury.

Legal options may be confusing for a construction worker when pursuing a third-party claim against an outside company, especially combined with a possible workers’ compensation claim against an employer.

Get Help From a Construction Injury Lawyer

Suffering an accident on a construction site may lead to trauma, fear, and uncertainty. If you have suffered a traumatic injury in a construction accident, consider getting help from a Palisades Park construction accident lawyer from Maggiano, DiGirolamo & Lizzi P.C. Our team may be able to offer clear, concise legal guidance for your situation, help you understand what your legal rights are, and direct you toward steps that could possibly result in monetary compensation that you may be entitled to. Contact us by calling (201) 585-9111 to learn more about possible compensation for a construction accident.