Fireworks over New York City across the Hudson Bay

Precautions to Take This Upcoming Holiday

On July 4th, 1776, the United States of America declared its independence, and we’re still celebrating that date today. Independence Day is a federal holiday, allowing families, friends, and neighbors to gather and celebrate.

Of course, many of these celebrations include fireworks, alcohol consumption, swimming, and spending time out under the sun. These are all activities that can be risky when proper precautions are not taken. Drunk driving charges, for example, are unfortunately not uncommon during the July 4th holiday weekend, as people lose track of how much they’ve been drinking during the day.

July 4th Dos and Donts

Here’s a list of helpful tips to help you stay safe on this festive occasion.

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  1. Stay Hydrated

Partying outside in the summer sun is a traditional Independence Day activity, but it can also lead to heatstroke. It’s even easier to get dehydrated if you have been consuming alcohol. Make sure to have plenty of water on hand to stay hydrated. Remind children to drink water as well.

  1. Keep Your Pets Secure

It’s fun to include your animal companions when celebrating. However, many pets go missing every year on July 4th. Pets are often frightened by fireworks, and if they are in an unfamiliar area, they are even more likely to get lost. Make sure you keep your pets leashed and secure, and that they have plenty of water available.

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  1. Don’t Allow Minors to Handle Fireworks

Fireworks displays are magical, and children enjoy them just as much—if not more—than adults. Their natural curiosity may lead them to want to play with or handle fireworks themselves. Make sure that fireworks are not left unsupervised, and that minors do not handle them.

  1. Don’t Handle Fireworks While Impaired by Drugs or Alcohol

Even adults must be careful when handling fireworks. Have someone sober and responsible be in charge of this traditional party entertainment.

  1. Decide on a Designated Driver or Other Safe Transportation Before Indulging in Alcohol

Enjoying alcoholic beverages during a celebration is fine—but do so responsibly. Make sure that you have arranged safe transportation before having your first drink. Use a designated driver, taxi, or ridesharing program, for example.

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